Lemon Butter Cookies

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These Lemon Butter Cookies, or Fondants Citron in French, are small, crunch, thin and an absolute treat. When you open the package a true lemon flavor will meet your nose and you will instantly fall in love.

These French gourmet cookies are small, about 1.5 inches in diameter, they are thin, crispy, very flavorful and taste like a bakes sliver of lemon pound cake. Each box contains about 50 cookies, divided over 2 sealed packages.

These small cookies are based on a shortbread recipe, similar to French Sable cookies. Because these Lemon Butter Cookies are so small and thin, they will melt in your mouth.

Maison Bruyere is the maker of the Lemon Butter Cookies; a family owned company, that was founded by Roger Bruyere in 1964. Today, his granddaughter Lea is at the helm of this artisanal cookie company.

Ingredients:wheat flour, sugar, eggs, butter (coloring: carotenoids), sunflower oil, potato starch, baking powder: ammonium bicarbonate, lemon natural flavor, salt.