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You may wonder why would you need to buy oatmeal cookies; this is one of the cookies you make yourself. Effie's Homemade oatcakes will be a nice surprise; they are absolutely delicious and in all honesty addictive.

Effie's Homemade Oatcakes are crisp, lightly sweetened, with a nutty flavor. A wonderful cookie, a great snack, a solid base for your cheese, ice cream, fruit or preserve. With coffee, tea or a glass of wine or beer.

Ingredients:wheat flour (contains malted barley flour), oats, butter, sugar, organic palm oil, water, kosher salt, baking soda. Contains wheat and milk. Made in a facility that also processes eggs, milk, peanuts, soy and tree nuts.

This has a richness but being healthy and delicious. A must buy in our household. Still hard to find .. Love it