Pearl Sugar Belgian Waffles

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These Belgian waffles are not as big as the ones you buy in Brussels or Liege, but they are still the real deal. So good, so delicious. Pearl sugar is one of the essential ingredient during the making of the waffles. These tiny pearls of sugar become soft without melting, so they stay crunchy.

Eat them straight form the wrapper, top them with syrup, chocolate sauce, ice cream, whipped cream. Eat them cold, pop them in the microwave or in a toaster. Anyway you like it.

We keep the waffles frozen and ship them non-refrigerated. They are good for 45 days after thaw; try to keep them that long; that will be a challenge.

Each waffle is individually wrapped. Size approx 4x5 inches. You can buy them as a 5-pack or as a case of 15.

Ingredients:unbleached, unbromated wheat flour, pearl sugar (non-GMO beet), non-hydrogenated margarine (responsibly sourced palm oil, rapeseed oil, water, non-iodized salt, mono and diglycerides, citric acid, beta carotene), cage-free eggs, water, yeast, invert sugar (non-GMO beet), non-GMO soy flour, non-iodized salt.
Made in a nut free facility.