Gin Drunken Panettone

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A panettone infused with gin syrup, this treat carries the herbacious notes of gin through with the addition of vanilla and spices. It has the great airness that panettone is known for along with a great moistness.

Pannetones are a classic Italian sweet bread that is a traditional treat for the Christmas holiday season and the new year. Borgo di Medici has been creating these beautiful Panettones for generations, making for an unmatched flavor and presentation. 

Ingredients:wheat flour (gluten), gin syrup (water, sugar, ethyl alcohol, gin), sugar, butter (milk), egg yolk (egg), eggs (egg), emulsifier: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, honey, natural yeast, salt, malted wheat flour (gluten), natural citrus flavour, natural vanilla flavour
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