American Bowfin Caviar

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CountryUnited States

American Bowfin Caviar is a traditional part of the Cajun cuisine and known for its intense flavor, with its mild tang and hints of spice. In Louisiana, Bowfin roe is known as Choupique caviar or Cajun caviar. The Bowfin is not a sturgeon, but is a very 'old fish' as well.

Most caviar is sourced from fish raised on aquafarms; the bowfin fish still thrives in the wild and yields caviar. Bowfin caviar is a domestically sourced black caviar and is native to the southern United States.

This Bowfin Caviar bears resemblance to the sturgeon caviar, but the price is more affordable, making this caviar highly suitable for canapes and blinis at your cocktail parties.

The Bowfin egg is small, as the fish itself, and jet black in color. It is a popular caviar used in top hotels and restaurants. Bowfin Caviar also further electrifies the simplest dishes with adding the gorgeous pearls as a garnish to any plate and accompanying it with amazing flavor found in this high quality American Bowfin Caviar.

1 ounce of caviar is 1-2 servings
Preparation: Fresh, Cured with Salt (Malossol)
Caviar Grade: A
Unopened shelf life refrigerated: 5 weeks
Storing: Only Refrigerated

I liked this caviar. I expected it to be really fishy but instead it had a very delicate flavor. Nutty and not too salty. This stuff was fantastic on air crackers with creme fraiche. It reminded me of the paddlefish caviar but the eggs were smaller. It looks like the black lumpfish but the taste is much better.
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