Gourmet Caviar Serving Tools

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This small crystal handmade Caviar Server is a great way to serve caviar as it shows the caviar pearls clearly and caviar should be served with and in elegance. This beautiful server is the ideal server for both the modern individual serving look as well... read more
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Serving and enjoying caviar is a luxurious moment that will be be enjoyed even more with the right utensils. Silver spoons may look very fancy, but they actually affect the caviar's fragile flavor; Mother of Pearl does not and is very elegant as well.... read more
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Caviar is luxurious and should be served with class. This oval mother of pearl plate on small legs is unique and gives you the beauty you’ve been searching for while indulging in your caviar. Size: 7 x 5 inches... read more
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Serve your caviar on this elegant Mother of Pearl rectangular plate. Add some blini and you'll have an elegant way to serve you high prized caviar. The size of this exquisite and unique plate is 5 x 4 inches... read more