Grey Mullet Bottarga

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One of the great gourmet treats of Greece is also one of the most ancient: avgotaraho, or bottarga, the pressed, salted, sun-dried roe of the grey mullet. Grey Mullet Bottarga is available in small logs that have been dipped in bee's wax. It is a true delicacy like caviar, or truffles or blowfish. Bottarga is usually ultra-thinly sliced and served alone with a little olive oil, pepper and lemon on toast or paired with dried fruits or foie gras.

Standardized production techniques properly balance the salting and drying processes deliver higher moisture and lower sodium in the final product. The bee’s wax, will sufficiently preserve the product and its delicate taste during its shelf life, despite the low sodium content.

This Grey Mullet Bottarga is created by the Greek Company Trikalinos; a company that started Grey Mullet Bottarga production in 1856 in Etoliko, Western Greece.

International top chefs consider this delicacy one of the World's Best Products and in 2012 it received The International Taste and Quality Institute Superior Taste Award.

The Grey Mullet Bottarga is delicately flavored, unmistakably fishy but more subtle than the Tuna bottarga. Pair it with a fine wine, champagne, whiskey or sake.

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