Imperial Golden Osetra Caviar

Picture of imperial golden osetra caviar
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Gourmet-Food Fast Facts

A striking gold color of this Imperial Osetra Caviar sets it apart from any other caviar. The eggs are large with a firm texture that melt in your mouth with a buttery flavor and smooth but fresh crisp aroma. An impressive and scarce caviar that will make your mouth salivate.

This caviar with not disappoint. Truly exquisite large, firm and truly golden pearls, captured at the peak maturity of the sturgeon represent the absolute pinnacle of caviar. Only about 10% of fine Osetra Caviar has a golden color.

This caviar is processed under the guidance of Caspian Fisheries and Management Authorities and their team of artisanal Salt Masters whom have perfected the ancient and secret techniques to produce the highest graded and finest quality Caviar in the world without question.

1 ounce of caviar is 1-2 servings
Preparation: Fresh cured with Salt
Caviar Grade: 000
Unopened Shelf Life refrigerated: 8 weeks
Storing: Only Refrigerated

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