White Sturgeon Caviar

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Gourmet-Food Fast Facts
CountryUnited States
FishWhite Sturgeon

This Osetra Supreme White Sturgeon Caviar comes from the Transmontanus sturgeon and will certainly not disappoint your; its taste is absolutely wonderful. This caviar has large and gorgeous dark grey to almost black pearls that glisten when served. The flavor is delicate and smooth flavor that makes this caviar supreme.

This large American sturgeon produces caviar that can be compared to the taste of the Caspian Russian Osetra caviar and that's why it is also called American Osetra Supreme caviar.

Currently, American White Sturgeon Caviar is being produced and processed in several farms in the US and is definitely worth a try.

1 ounce of caviar is 1-2 servings
Preparation: Fresh, Cured with Salt (Malossol)
Caviar Grade: 000
Unopened shelf life refrigerated: 8 weeks
Storing: Only Refrigerated

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