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Creating a cheese assortment with cheese from the United Kingdom or Great Britain is easy as there is a lot of variety to choose from. We made a combination of traditional cheese and more modern cheese. Blue Stilton - the king of English... read more
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Cheddar cheese comes in so many varieties, flavored and unflavored, young and aged. This cheese assortment is showcasing just a few: Rattlesnake Cheddar - a true flavor experience — spicy, sweet, tropical, and HOT. This smooth, creamy medium... read more
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A Blue Cheese Assortment features the four most outstanding blue cheeses from the four big European specialty cheese countries are Roquefort from France, Gorgonzola from Italy, Blue Stilton from England and Cambozola from Germany. Packed in our... read more
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This small cheese assortment will be a nice gift when blue cheese is the recipients favorite. Our Burgundy Gift Box has 3 French Blue cheese, a honey and toast. All that is needed is a knife and some plates to serve and enjoy. The French Blues... read more
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For our French Cheese Assortment we selected four cheeses with different flavors and textures. It is all you need to start an evening off perfectly. A traditional blue, a creamy soft-ripened, a wedge of earthy flavors and a cheese with Emmental... read more
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