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Our Classic Fondue Cheeses Assortment consists of 3 traditional Swiss gourmet cheeses; Emmentaler, Gruyere and Appenzeller; a total of approximately 2.5 pounds. The Assortment is packed in a glossy Burgundy Gift Box and matching ribbon for... read more
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Our Colorful Cheese Assortment packed in a Burgundy or Blue Gift Box will be an appropriate gift when you visit friends or family at Halloween. A gift like this will create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home, and the colors would also... read more
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For our Gift Box we selected 4 French cheeses with different flavors and textures. It is all you need to start an evening off perfectly. A traditional blue, a creamy soft-ripened, a wedge of earthy flavors and a cheese with Emmental flavors... read more
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A gift box filled with 4 totally different goat cheeses. There is so much to choose from. Our choice is a Dutch, Spanish, American and Australian-style marinated goat cheese. Nice packed in a box with ribbon. Goat Gouda - (8 oz.) Gouda style... read more
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A snow white cheese assortment, made up of gourmet cheeses and served with almost white crackers. This assortment is packed in our beautiful rich Burgundy Gift Box with matching satin ribbon. Goat Gouda Cheese - a mild goat's milk cheese from... read more
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The variety in Goat's Milk Cheese has become so much richer over the years that these cheeses can compete with the cow's milk cheeses. There are soft, hard, blue, soft-ripened, tangy and/or creamy and you will find gourmet goat cheese from all... read more
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It amazes us over and over again, that not all Gouda cheeses are alike, even though they are in essence the same cheese. They may all be made in the same way, but terroir of ingredients and aging may products an end product that varies greatly.... read more
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When designing this Gourmet Cheese Gift, we selected cheeses that have a feminine touch, in appearance - interesting and delicate, in flavor - soft and full of surprises. Last but not least, we will pack these gourmet cheese in a beautiful... read more
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Our Gourmet Cheese Gift for Him is carefully selected; a great selection of bold flavors and colors and that includes the Burgundy Gift Box with Burgundy Ribbon (Cheese Board is not included). AleHouse Cheddar - an ale aroma and a flavor that... read more
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We are blessed with many American artisanal cheese makers and many of them make great cheddars that will stand up against their 'old-world' counterparts. Our Great American Cheddars Sampler is just an example of 4 out of many favorites.Flagship... read more
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