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There are many types of cheese that you can use for grating, but there are a few that are just outstanding for that job. Our Grating Cheese Assortment has 4 quite different types to offer:Parmigiano-Reggiano: this Italian grating staple cannot be missed... read more
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We are blessed with many American artisanal cheese makers and many of them make great cheddars that will stand up against their 'old-world' counterparts. Our Great American Cheddars Sampler is just an example of 4 out of many favorites.Flagship - a... read more
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Our Greek Cheese Assortment consists of three small pieces of cheese that are of great use in the Greek cuisine; for melting, grating in salads, in combination with meat, poultry and vegetables. We've packed them in our elegant glossy Burgundy Gift... read more
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Cheeses for the grill may have two essential characteristics; they can be grilled and stay in one piece or they melt easily and are therefore great to put on top of meat, chicken, a salad or vegetables.We selected the following grilling cheeses:Kasseri -... read more