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Create Your Own Cheese Gift Box! All the freedom to choose from our selection of gourmet cheeses to create the perfect cheese gift box. Our glossy burgundy box with ribbon, for that special person you have in mind. Just add this item to your shopping... read more
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The vast majority of Dutch cheeses are Goudas or gouda-type cheeses, but that does not mean they are all alike. Our Dutch Cheese assortment of gourmet cheeses will show just that; we have selected 4 cheese that vary greatly in their appearance, texture... read more
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Have you even seen such a colorful cheese board. Not only are the cheeses stunning, when you present it on the right cheese board, like a nice teak cheese board or a slate cheese board, it is also a beautiful and complete presentation. We have selected 4... read more
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So many blue cheeses, so many choices, so many combinations possible. Our European Blue Cheese vary from origin, color, flavor, sharpness or texture and is packed in a Glossy Burgundy Gift Box.Danish Blue or Danablue has a milk white paste with very blue... read more
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Creating a cheese assortment with cheese from the United Kingdom or Great Britain is easy as there is a lot of variety to choose from. We made a combination of traditional cheese and more modern cheese.Blue Stilton - the king of English cheese; dry... read more
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This small cheese assortment will be a nice gift when blue cheese is the recipients favorite. Our Burgundy Gift Box has 3 French Blue cheese, a honey and toast. All that is needed is a knife and some plates to serve and enjoy.The French Blues... read more
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For our French Cheese Assortment we selected four cheeses with different flavors and textures. It is all you need to start an evening off perfectly. A traditional blue, a creamy soft-ripened, a wedge of earthy flavors and a cheese with Emmental flavors... read more
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Germany is not known around the world for their cheese production, but they do have a rich cheese making history. Many types of cheese were imitations from surrounding countries, Germany also has quite a number of original cheese types, most of them are... read more
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Our Classic Fondue Cheeses Assortment consists of 3 traditional Swiss gourmet cheeses; Emmentaler, Gruyere and Appenzeller; a total of approximately 2.5 pounds. The Assortment is packed in a glossy Burgundy Gift Box and matching ribbon for a classy... read more
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Our Colorful Cheese Assortment packed in a glossy Burgundy Gift Box will be an appropriate gift when you visit friends or family at Halloween. A gift like this will create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home, and the colors would also do great... read more