All Cheese Book

This comprehensive guide to farmstead cheese explains the diversity of cheeses in terms of historical animal husbandry, pastures, climate, preservation, and transport-all of which still contribute to the uniqueness of farm cheeses today. Discove... read more
Camembert: A National Myth By Pierre Boisard
Camembert--delectably fragrant, creamy-centered, neatly boxed--is the most popular and most famous French cheese. Originally made by hand in the Norman countryside, it is now mass-produced internationally, yet Camembert remains a national symbol... read more
Filled with indispensable information from America’s foremost authority, Max McCalman, Cheese: A Connoisseur’s Guide to the World’s Best is your road map to exploring the world of fine cheese. As the maître fromager at New York... read more
Cheese Primer By Steven Jenkins
If you want a fascinating food book, say Cheese Primer. For 20 years, Steve Jenkins has lead the way in upgrading the quality of cheese sold at fine food stores in the U.S. Finally, in this volume, he shares his encyclopedic knowledge. Jenkins t... read more
Cheese is a major food trend, and there are more types on display at the supermarket than ever. Cheese takes some of the mystery out of all those tantalizing new cheeses, and encourages you to try some of the more unfamiliar flavors. Delicious ... read more
The classic home cheese making primer has been updated and revised to reflect the increased interest in artisanal-quality cheeses and the availability of cheese making supplies and equipment. Here are 85 recipes for cheeses and other dairy prod... read more
Cheese is a sprawling, worldwide industry that has spawned interest among consumers in exploring fine cheeses. Now, you too can have your own slice of the trend. With this informative guide about home cheese making, you will be able to turn your... read more
When a tiny cheese shop opened for business on a quaint Berkeley street in 1967, there was little hint of what the shop—and the neighborhood—would grow into over the next 30 years. The Cheese Board became a collective a few years later, and Chez... read more
This gourmet travel guide to the artisanal and farmstead cheesemakers of Vermont shows how the cheese is made, describes the different types of handcrafted goat-, sheep-, and cow's-milk cheeses, and tells you where and when to go to see them bei... read more
This superb guide to the finest artisanal cheeses of Britain and Ireland reviews more than 150 varieties and includes scores of recipes and serving suggestions.... read more