American Goat Milk Firm Texture Cheese

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Raw goat milk and more than 6 months of aging create a cheddar cheese that is rich, nutty and increasingly complex over time. The cheese is sweet, fresh, light, and fruity. The great taste of Wisconsin based LaClare Creamery's goat milk comes... read more
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Cypress Groves' Midnight Moon is a hard artisanal goat's milk cheese that is made in Holland exclusively for Cypress Grove and has been aged for at least 6 months. This gouda-style cheese has an ivory color interior that is slightly darker... read more
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This semi-soft, creamy goat milk jack cheese has a mild, milky flavor that is complimented by a proprietary blend of zesty peppers. It has a rich, buttery mouth feel that becomes increasingly creamy with age. LaClare Family Creamery is a true... read more