Assorted Fresh Chevre Cheese

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A great way to sample Cypress Grove's fresh goat cheese is to just try them and you can determine which one you like best. In total you will get 6 small disks, each one 4 ounces.

The award-winning gourmet goat cheeses are PsycheDillic, Herbs de Humboldt, Purple Haze (this is the most popular and you will get 2), Sgt. Pepper and Ms. Natural.

The goats on the Cypress Grove farm in rural Humboldt County enjoy the lush pastures provided by the mild Northern California Pacific coastal climate and that results in cheeses with creamy texture and a sublime taste.

Ingredients:PsycheDillic: pasteurized goat milk, salt, dillen pollen, dill, cultures, enzymes.
Herbs de Humboldt: pasteurized goat milk, salt, herbs de Provence, cultures, enzymes.
Purple Haze: pasteurized goat milk, salt, fennel pollen, lavender, cultures, enzymes.
Sgt. Pepper: pasteurized goat milk, salt, pepper, garlic, spices, chili threads, cultures, enzymes.
Ms. Natural: pasteurized goat milk, salt, cultures, enzymes.