Battery Park Cheese

Are you a fan of Brie cheese, then Battery Park is a cheese you should try. A South Carolina cross between a farmhouse cheese and a brie. This is Charleston Artisan Cheesehouse's flagship; a totally hand-made handsome cheese of approx. 12 oz.

This gourmet cheese is made with milk from a single-source, 250 year old family farm and handcrafted and aged in Charleston. A beautiful white bloomy rind covers a creamy cheese with a firm, even crumbly center. The flavor is earthy, grassy and fruity and the aroma is wonderfully fresh and lemony.

This Southern artisan cheese is great on crunchy bread, whole wheat toast and would be a winner as a baked brie.

Ingredients:low temperature pasteurized Holstein and Jersey cow's milk, culture, vegetarian rennet, salt.