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The added Jamaican Jerk spices inspired the Beecher's Cheese makers to call this cheese No Woman as a tribute to Bob Marley's No Woman No Cry. It is the addition of these spices, that make the Beecher's Flagship into a warm, nutty, spicy flavored No... read more
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Tuscan Cheddar has a hand-rubbed coating of healthy, tasty Tuscan herbs. The herbs are not on the inside, they're on the outside, giving the cheddar a very nice appearance, especially on your cheese board. The combination of the Tuscan herbs and the... read more
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Chris Swire, founder of Collier's Powerful Cheddar was born in South Wales and grew up in a family of miner, or colliers, as they were often referred. Cheese was a welcomed midday meal that aided and sustained them throughout their day underground.... read more
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Kerrygold's Aged Irish Cheddar is made with milk from cows that roam free in fresh air and graze in lush pastures of tender grass. From this benign environment and extraordinary diet come luscious milk so rich in beta-carotene, it can turn cheddar cheese... read more
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Kerrygold Reserve Irish Cheddar has a distinctive taste and character and a smooth firm body and creamy taste. Its sharp strapping flavor you don't want to miss. You simply must indulge your taste buds. This Irish Cheddar is made with pasteurized cow's... read more
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Grafton Village Cheese makes a lot of award winning cheese and this Maple Smoked Cheddar Cheese is one of them. Made with unpasteurized cow's milk from Vermont Jersey cows Grafton cold-smokes this cheddar over smoldering maplewood chips for up to 4... read more