Bread Cheese - Juustoleipa

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If you like hot melty cheese, you have to try Bread Cheese, also called Juustoleipa in Finland. Imagine a fresh hot cheese pizza, without the crust or sauce. That's bread cheese. When heated, it keeps it shape, but becomes hot and gooey, and can be eaten with a knife and fork. It's chewy, soft, a little salty and very cheesy.

You can heat it in a pan, deep-fry it, grill it, toast it, microwave it, or bake it. Serve it with honey, lemon, or do as the Finns, dunk it in your coffee.

Carr Valley Cheese in Wisconsin makes this cow's milk bread cheese. They have received many awards in cheesemaking; 2015 World Cheese Award, and 2016 World Championship Cheese Contest to name a few.

Ingredients:pasteurized cow's milk, enzymes, calcium, salt.
Just slice it in strips and throw it in a pan with quality olive oil. Super satisfying cheese that holds it's texture.

This cheese is amazing for all. I just pan fried it with olive oil, and it was fantastic. All my guests loved it!

I tried this cheese for the first time about 9 months ago. Since then, I go through about an 8 ounce slab every 1 to 2 weeks. Seriously, all by myself. I don't tell anyone else when I have some because I don't want to share. Easily the best cheese I have ever eaten. Oh, and I have eaten a LOT of cheese in my lifetime. I live on cheese, charcuterie, and wine for the most part. You cannot have my bread cheese. It's mine. I love warming it up in the oven for a few minutes and getting it squeaky and bubbly, then eating it with jalapeno pepper jelly or prepared horseradish or aioli or fresh pesto or even all by itself. How did I live 54 years and not know of its existence? Buy some, but save some for me.

True awesomeness!!!!