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Cotija is named after the Mexican town of Cotija de la Paz and is one of the most popular cheeses in Mexico. This American made, Mexican cheese is dry in texture and somewhat salty; it is aged to assure a robust flavor; Cotija is the only... read more
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Cotswold is a Double Gloucester with chopped onions and chives blended into the cheese. Cotswold is a region in Southwestern England. The Cotswold cheese is also just called 'Double Gloucester with Chives' or 'Pub Cheese'. It is a smooth,... read more
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Cranberry and cinnamon; now that sounds like the perfect pairing. This is a Montchevre's staple. Made fresh from pasteurized prime quality goats milk; this 4 oz. soft cheese log is enhanced with sweetness from dried cranberries then flavored... read more
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Sequatchie Cove Creamery's Cumberland Cheese is a raw cow's milk cheese with a natural rind and a smooth semi-firm texture. This flavorful Tomme-style has an earthy aroma of dried leaves and a fruity, tangy rich buttermilk flavor. The milk... read more