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This lightly smoked sheep's milk cheese comes from Spain, more specifically, from the Basque region. This rustic gourmet cheese in the past smoked in the rafters of the shepherds' huts, but today smoke from beechwood is used and the smoke... read more
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Irish Cheddar Cheese with Porter Beer, Cahill's Porter, is made by blending the cheddar curds with dark brown porter beer, resulting in a beautiful outstanding marbled cheese. The flavor of porter beer alone is rather strong, but in combination... read more
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Your first taste of Irish Whisky Cheese will let you know that you have chosen a full flavored cheese. After maturing, this Vintage Irish Cheddar develops into a tantalizingly delicious aperitif. The Irish whiskey is mixed with the cheese curds... read more
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Black Italian Truffles have been slowly folded through this decadent chevre to create an elegant flavor. With a delicate earthiness, this is a cheese that will elevate any dinner party, whether on a cheese board, or as a highlight in your... read more
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Ivy’s Vintage Reserve cheddar is an award winning cheddar with a rich flavor and sharp tang followed by a lasting mellowness. This 15 months old cheddar is coming from Wyke Farms in Somerset, England, where they make cheese for over 150 years.... read more