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Valdeon is one of the few great Spanish Blue cheeses, the other being Cabrales. They are very similar and often confused. Both cheese are made from a mixture of cow's and goat's milk and both are well veined - are very blue and strong in flavor. Valdeon... read more
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An Italian blue cheese made from goat's milk, or should we say an Italian green cheese as Verde Capra means Green Goat. This cheese has a similar texture as the famous Gorgonzola Dolce, but the flavor and looks are quite different. Verde Capra is dense,... read more
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Vincent is a very tasteful Dutch cow's milk cheese made in Friesland, in the northern part of Holland. It is a Gouda-type cheese that is aged for 26 weeks, resulting in a fruit, sweet tasting matured cheese, that has a lot of character, and is easy to... read more
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This Vintage Gouda is aged 5 years and there are not so many Goudas of that age, with a similar miracle of flavor. The color of this gourmet cheese is deep amber and burnt orange with a texture similar to Parmigiano-Reggiano, very firm and flaky. Its... read more
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A unique red waxed Vintage Irish Cheddar mixed with Red Wine has a rich sharp taste with strong presence of wine. This gourmet cheese also has fine looks, the cheese is marbled with the red wine, resulting in a wonderful cheddar that will do justice to... read more