Colby Cheese The Robin

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Approx. 8 ounces
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Most Colby cheese is not what is used to be, but luckily, Deer Creek cheese makes The Robin Cheese by hand. And it is done the right way, the way Colby is supposed to be made, the traditional, classic way.

The Robin brings back Colby's signature firm, curdy body and lovely mechanical open texture. That signature texture is reunited with the classic Colby flavor – clean, fresh, buttery milk with a pleasantly salty finish. That's a classic Colby; from the 50s and 60s and that can now be found in The Robin Cheese.

At Deer Creek they believe that we are only one generation away from the extinction of some of the traditional flavor, body, and texture characteristics that classic, Wisconsin-produced cheeses have always been known for. The Robin is named after the Wisconsin state bird which returns each spring as a sign of the end of winter.

Try The Robin; one taste and you will be hooked and it will bring back memories from your or your parents' childhood.

Pair this gourmet cheese with ales or lager beers, a Cabernet Sauvignon, or a Pinot Noir.

We hand-cut and wrap this cheese in pieces of 1 pound and 8 ounces.

Ingredients:pasteurized milk, salt, cultures, annatto, color, enzymes.