Comeback Cow Cheese

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CountryUnited States
Pasteurized MilkYes
Vegetarian RennetYes
Award WinnerYes

A flower shaped creamy cheese from Lena Illinois; Comeback Cow Cheese. This cute little cheese is mild, yet complex, rich and creamy with a soft white mold exterior, that is tinged orange with age.

A velvety milk taste is underlined by sweet and buttery flavors of mushrooms or truffles and almonds. Wild grasses and flowers flavored the milk, packing pungent flavor that keeps coming back - bite after bite.

In 1953, Dorothy Demeter was the first woman to graduate with a dairy industry degree from the Iowa State program. She was known to work tirelessly or, as they say, until the cows came home, perfecting her soft-ripened cheeses. Bob the current cheesemaker at Dorothy's Cheese, who was Dorothy's apprentice, is working with her son and nephew to continue to follow in her footsteps. Comeback Cow is one of her most unusual cheese -a true creation.

Comeback Cow is an artisan tasteful, artisanal brie-like cheese best savored as part of your favorite cheese board, although it does lend itself to sandwiches and quiches if you're after an oozy melt.

Pair it with croissants, soft rolls, melons or grapes. It’s always ready for a party, enjoyed with a Bourgogne, Cabernet, or Medoc wine.

Ingredients:cultured pasteurized milk and cream, salt, annatto (natural color), enzymes.