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Your first taste of Irish Whisky Cheese will let you know that you have chosen a full flavored cheese. After maturing, this Vintage Irish Cheddar develops into a tantalizingly delicious aperitif. The Irish whiskey is mixed with the cheese curds... read more
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Ivy’s Vintage Reserve cheddar is an award winning cheddar with a rich flavor and sharp tang followed by a lasting mellowness. This 15 months old cheddar is coming from Wyke Farms in Somerset, England, where they make cheese for over 150 years.... read more
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You can say that Jarlsberg cheese is a modern take on the Swiss cheese, the one with the holes. The Swiss taught the Norwegians back in the 1800s, but the locally produced Swiss cheese disappeared, but the cheese legend remained. In 1956 a... read more
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As the name reveals, this is a classic Monterey Jack cheese 'Just Jack', made by Beecher's Handmade Cheese in Seattle. This cheese is young, creamy, and made of pure whole milk from a single herd of cows. Just Jack melts easily; ideal for a... read more
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Karst is an original, American artisan cheese, which has been cave-aged to perfection in the cheese cellars at Jasper Hill in Vermont. This cheese is like a blend of Gruyere and Cheddar cheese with a natural rind.Made from pasteurized cow's... read more
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Keep Dreaming is a complex and creamy cheese with tangy notes, and when maturing, it becomes more robust. It is made in Illinois with full-bodied cow's milk and creme fraiche. This combination creates a very deliciously soft cheese with a rich,... read more
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This Swiss cheese comes from Ireland, we know it sounds funny, but Irish Kerrygold is the maker of it. Like all their cheese, Kerrygold uses milk of the some of the happiest herds of grass-fed cows in Ireland. Green, moisture rich grass covers... read more
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Leyden cheese (Leidsekaas in Dutch) is a Dutch gourmet cheese, name after the University City of Leyden (Leiden in Dutch). Definitely a cheese for the cumin lover. The smattering of cumin seeds is the real star here. This addition gives the... read more
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Limburger has a smelly past. But to clarify, it is this rind that gives Limburger its reputation as a 'Stinker.' Limburger was originally created by Belgian Trappist monks in the monasteries near Limburg in Belgium. A hundred years ago the... read more
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This French 'Baby Swiss cheese' is made from pasteurized cow's milk and has a delicious sweet and nutty flavor, very similar to an Emmental (that is the Swiss they refer to) or a Jarlsberg (also a cheese that takes after the Swiss Emmental).... read more