Dutch Goat Milk Firm Texture Cheese

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Wijngaard Kaas' goat cheeses are matured for approximately 16 weeks, then cut and refined with coarsely chopped rosemary. The rosemary diffuses into the cheese and creates a slightly sweet flavor, as well as hints of walnut and cream, and of... read more
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Goat cheese isn't always fresh, soft, and spreadable. In fact, goat's milk can be made into many styles of cheese, including gouda. Goat gouda is a delight for those who've never had it. This cheese has no 'funkiness' or gamey flavors that some... read more
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From the makers of Reypenaer, this Chevre Affine Gouda-style cheese is made from goat's milk. That is not the type of milk used for most Gouda cheese, but it is become more popular in a country that is, among other thing, known for its cows.... read more