French Cow Milk Firm Texture Cheese

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Comte is one of the world's greatest cheeses, and one of the top consumed cheeses in France - a country that knows good cheese. This one is aged 10 months and aged by Charles Arnaud, who has specialized in Comte production since... read more
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A truly iconic cheese, Comte is a French mountain cheese with a history of over 1000 years of devoted production.  This Comte (pronounced "Con-tay") is aged for more than 1 year, resulting in a masterpiece. This firm cheese has a... read more
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Mimolette is a French gourmet cheese that looks like a cantaloupe, and tastes even better. This mature version from Normandy is a pressed, cooked cheese that is aged for 12 months. Mimolette has a distinctive flavor of butterscotch and caramel.... read more