Green Hill Cheese

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The Georgian Green Hill cheese is a double-cream cow's milk cheese that is aged for approximately 2 weeks. This gourmet cheese has a white, bloomy rind; and has a rich and smooth, velvety flavor. Inside the beautiful white rind you will find a bright yellow cheese, caused by the higher butterfat composition in the milk due to rotational grazing at the Sweet Grass Dairy farm.

This American gourmet cheese has already received 8 awards at various American Cheese Society Competitions, so it is worth a try. Green Hill is handcrafted and will pair well with honey, fruits, preserves and nuts.

As for drinks, Sweet Grass Dairy suggests to pair the cheese with a Champagne or sparkling wine. The combination of the bubbles and the rich creaminess of the cheese are wonderful. Beer drinkers: try a Belgian Trippel ale to refresh your palate.

Ingredients:pasteurized grass-based cow's milk, cultures, Atlantic sea salt, traditional rennet.
Delicious, creamy, and rich.

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