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Kunik; this cheese is unique in name and taste. It originates from a small farm by the name of Nettle Meadow in the Adirondacks. This farm is located in Thurman New York just below Crane Mountain. It is owned and operated by Lorraine Lambiase and Sheila Flanagan. Nettle Meadow is committed to the principles of natural ingredients, happy and healthy animals, and carefully hand-crafted artisan cheeses. Kunik was awarded a first place in the 2010 American Cheese Society Competition in the category Soft Ripened Cheese, Triple Creme.

This gourmet cheese is a white mold-ripened small wheel, made with goat's milk and Jersey cow cream. The grain and herbs on the menu at the Nettle Meadow farm are the secret to this triple creme cheese. Did we mention unique…. notes of wild raspberry leaf, nettle, kelp, comfrey, garlic, barley, and goldenrod. Kunik is far richer and more flavorful than a regular brie-type cheese, yet more subtle and sumptuous than similarly ripened goat cheeses.

Delicious on its own or served with fruit and crackers. A wonderful addition to any cheese plate. Complement Kunik with a sparkling wine.

Ingredients:pasteurized goat's milk, jersey cow cream, sea salt, lactic cultures, enzymes, penicillium candidium
My all time favorite is Rougette, but got this too with a sampling of other interesting cheeses offered here. Absolutely creamy delicious, worth getting and will get more on next order (finished the one I got).

A friend in the Berkshires served this cheese, and I found it an exquisite, sensuous delight and recommend it to each and every cheese lover! It literally melts in your mouth and is perfect with a full-bodied red wine. Enjoy!!!

One of the most incredible cheeses I've tasted. Friends that hate goat cheese loved it!