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Marco Polo was an explorer who introduced the Far East to Europeans; and Beecher's cheese is honoring this 13th century adventurer by naming a cheddar flavored with peppers after him.

Beecher's Marco Polo takes is their creamy Flagship cheese with an added blend of lightly milled and cracked green and black peppercorns. Magic. The resulting cheese is rich in savory cheese with butter notes and clearly visible peppercorn. This gourmet cheese from the Northwest received quite a number of awards.

A slice of this cheese melted on a burger, or grated into a baked potato, unforgettable. Marco Polo pairs well with an ale of your preference or it goes so well with a nice easy glass of Merlot.

Each wedge of Marco Polo is approx 3.75 oz; and we sell them in pairs, total 7.5 oz.

Ingredients:pasteurized milk, salt, pepper, culture, enzymes.
Excellent Cheese. Just the right Kick to get any Party started. I received the Marco Polo Cheese as a gift. Never tasted it before, loved it from the first bite, and went back for more. Looking forward to trying it on a burger. I will try out some other Beecher's Cheeses. Thanks for letting me rate this product. It's something that I rarely participate in, but it was worth me taking the time to let you know, that you did it right, and I am also glad it was made here in the USA.