New Woman Cheese

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The original 'No Woman' cheese was part of the Beecher's family from the beginning, and now has an updated twist. 'New Woman' is the new cheese, still flavored with Jamaican Jerk seasoning, which shows up marbled through the cheese.

The New Woman has the addition of brown sugar, cloves, and onion, resulting in a warm and smoky cheese.

Ingredients:pasteurized milk, Jamaican jerk seasoning (vinegar, sugar, onion, raisins, red pepper, salt, cloves, garlic, black pepper, thyme, mango, orange peel), salt, culture, enzymes.
I get how people find the seasoning overwhelming or sour, but like most pungent, delicious, transformative flavors, this one is very savory...and I love it. As a beer-drinker, I love dark stouts, and this is a similarly divisive topic. I think you just have to enjoy the spice for how it is and love that you get the cheese flavor in there, too. I'm sure the delicate cheese-alone flavors were grand as well, but that's not the point of this new cheese. Know what you're signing up for, and enjoy the ride, because it is excellent!

Beecher is my favorite cheddar but the spices in their New Woman cheese are overwhelming and sour nearly obliterating the wonderful flavor of the cheese.

Never tried No Woman, but I love New Woman! Very happy to have found it.

No Woman had a wonderfully complex savory taste. New Woman has a sour taste to it that ruins that flavor I loved so much in No Woman. Too bad.

My favorite & simplest way to eat New Woman Cheese is for breakfast. I usually combine with black grapes or fresh pineapple. What a wonderful way to start my day. I have a whole new outlook on life.

They messed this cheese up!! It used to be so good. Why did they change the flavor!? Won't buy again. Should have kept it NO WOMAN!

Ralphs market has a Huge cheese section! I LOVE cheese and am Always looking for new and unusual cheeses to try. Some I am crazy for, others, like Limberger cheese were not to my liking. A cheese named No Woman intrigued the HELL out of me! It's DELICIOUS! An aged Cheddar with warm spicy notes was right up my alley! It's nice melted over eggs, tacos, enchiladas. This cheese would be perfect for a cheese board around a Jamaican themed party, Bob Marley would be honored! !

This cheese is awesome! Tried it at random what a surprise! We totally recommend it....Jax Washington state....

This cheese is amazing. I had it while on vacation in the Washington State Tri Cities area, and wow. It was fantastic with a varity of crackers, nuts and fruits. Really drawls out hidden flavors. My favorite is with the green grape it brings out a very smokey flavor. A must try, very universal in my opinion that many would love. Even my toddler loves No Woman cheese.

This is a delicious cheese similar to a mild cheddar with a wonderful warm flavor Texture is also much like an American cheddar Served at a party and it was very well received