Nickajack Cheese

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Nickajack is a raw cow's milk cheese with a meaty buttery paste. It is washed in Michigan-made JK Scrumpy’s hard cider, turning the rind a golden-tan to orange-red color. The aroma of this gourmet cheese, after 60 days of aging, is approachable for a washed rind, with fruity hints and a dairy-forward flavor. The rind is edible and sticky.

Nickajack is named for Nickajack Cave, a local Tennessee River cavern with a storied past and a Cherokee name. In addition to housing a large colony of endangered grey bats, Civil War era saltpeter mining, tourism (including a dance floor at one time!), and an intentional 1960's dam flood, the cave is also the site of Johnny Cash's attempted suicide-turned-spiritual enlightenment.

This Tennessee cheese pair swell with sweeter hard ciders, brown and amber ales, maple bacon, and mustards. Melts wonderfully in mac and cheese or atop a pizza.

Each Nickajack is approx. 1 lbs.

Please note that wheels may vary slightly in total weight, you will be charged for the actual weight of the wheel that you will receive.

Ingredients:raw cow's milk, salt, rennet, culture.