Oaxaca Cheese

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Oaxaca or as the Mexicans would say Queso Oaxaca is named after the area in Mexico where the cheese was first made. It is a long rope of cheese that is gently wound in a knot. Made with pasteurized Grade A part skim milk, rennet, and sea salt. An all natural authentic cheese that is proudly made in the U.S

This mild Mexican-style string cheese in the traditional 'knotted' shape has a savory mellow buttery flavor and makes for a fun and wholesome snack. Oaxaca strings as is and really melts and strings when heated. Because of its cooking properties Oaxaca is a great stuffing cheese in oven recipes; pizzas, calzones, quesadillas or just for a snack.

Ingredients:cultured pasteurized Grade A milk, and skim milk, sea salt and enzymes.