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Down in the South, Pimento cheese is a part of life, a part of comfort life and the South likes comfort. Sweet Grass Dairy created a unique adaptation on the classic recipe by using their Thomasville Tomme cheese as the basis and using additions such as piquillo peppers and pimenton from Spain.

Now this Southern classic with its bright orange color, is slightly spicy, has a smokey flavor and a creamy texture with a little tangy kick at the end and spreads its way onto crusty bread, straight into your mouth.

The max shelf life is 10 weeks when kept unopened in the original container; once opened, use up within 7-10 days.

Ingredients:Thomasville Tomme (unpasteurized grass-based cow's milk, cultures, traditional rennet, sea salt), mayonnaise (sunflower oil, egg yolks,water, organic lemon juice, distilled vinegar, salt, fair trade organic cane sugar, mustard flour, black pepper, citric acid), piquillo peppers [piquillo peppers, water, sugar, salt, citric acid (acidulant) and calcium chloride (hardener)], Dijon mustard (water, mustard seeds, vinegar, salt), smoked paprika, salt and spices.