Raw Milk Cheese

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Raw goat milk and more than 6 months of aging create a cheddar cheese that is rich, nutty and increasingly complex over time. The cheese is sweet, fresh, light, and fruity. The great taste of Wisconsin based LaClare Creamery's goat milk comes... read more
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Appenzeller cheese was originally made in the Swiss mountainous canton of Appenzell near the Austrian border. This cheese is a Swiss classic, a semi-hard alpine cheese with a light tan color and a slightly pungent aroma; the cheese is washed... read more
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Bleu d'Auvergne is an old traditional French cheese, an AOC cheese, made from raw cow's milk, produced in the Auvergne region, like the Fourme d'Ambert. The Bleu d'Auvergne is quite different though, it is an aromatic cheese, salty and rich,... read more
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Roth Cheese is the maker of the Buttermilk Blue cheese; a raw milk cheese made from Jersey cow's milk and inoculated with Penicillium Roqueforti. This cheese is matured for at least 60 days during which it is rotated frequently to create one of... read more
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Caciocavallo Silano is a tangy stringy semi-hard ancient Italian cheese, which is made from cow's milk, it shares the taste of an aged Provolone with a meaty flavor and hints of almonds. Although a traditional, this is no ordinary cheese. Our... read more
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Comte A.O.C. is a handmade artisan cheese. It is aged for more than 1 year, resulting in a masterpiece. This hard cheese has a full spectrum of delicious flavors: nutty, creamy, fruity, peppery and toasty. The body is satiny and ivory-colored... read more
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When you remember the French cheese Morbier, you may recognize the Coppinger cheese, made by Sequatchie Cove Creamery. Nathan and Padgett Arnold are the owners of this small creamery that is 100 percent solar powered; they strive to be as... read more
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Sequatchie Cove Creamery's Cumberland Cheese is a raw cow's milk cheese with a natural rind and a smooth semi-firm texture. This flavorful Tomme-style has an earthy aroma of dried leaves and a fruity, tangy rich buttermilk flavor. The milk... read more
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Dancing Fern Cheese is named for the native ferns that sway and nod at the breezy mouth of a cave in Coppinger Cove where the Sequatchie creamery is located. This gourmet cheese is inspired by the famous raw milk Reblochon cheese of the Savoie... read more
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When you like the traditional Emmental, but wouldn't mind a little more kick in your cheese, this cave-aged version may just be the cheese for you. A year long maturation in the Kaltbach caves near Lucerne creates a gourmet Emmental cheese that... read more