Smoked Cheese

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Carr Valley makes a white cheddar that is smoked over applewood and hand rubbed with paprika. The Apple Smoked Cheddar has an deep orange/red appearance, an ivory-white interior and a supple, moist texture that is typical of Wisconsin Carr... read more
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A Bavarian original, this Basils Original Rauchkase is made according to a traditional recipe. Trappist Monks in the Abbey of Rotthalmunster developed this cheese and now it is made by a modern, Bavarian cheese manufacturer Bergader Private... read more
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Red Apple smoked cheese are made with milk sourced from some of the oldest dairy farms in Chippewa County, Wisconsin. Prior to smoking, the cheeses are extra-aged to enhance taste. The cheese masters then slowly, meticulously, naturally... read more
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This lightly smoked sheep's milk cheese comes from Spain, more specifically, from the Basque region. This rustic gourmet cheese in the past smoked in the rafters of the shepherds' huts, but today smoke from beechwood is used and the smoke... read more
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Grafton Village Cheese makes a lot of award winning cheese and this Maple Smoked Cheddar Cheese is one of them. Made with unpasteurized cow's milk from Vermont Jersey cows Grafton cold-smokes this cheddar over smoldering maplewood chips for up... read more
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This Smoked Chili Cheddar is a firm, slightly flaky cheese with no shortage of flavor. The cheddar is marbled white and orange, with chunks of habanero, jalapeno and pasilla peppers. The cheese is cold-smoked over maple and hardwood chips,... read more
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There is a lot you can do, once you have a excellent quality cheddar called Flagship cheese. Beecher's created a smoked version of their signature cheese. Flagship cheese is first aged for a period of 15 months, and then smoked over a mix of... read more
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Smoked Provolone is an all natural cheese, Red Apple does not use artificial additives or preservatives, and their cheese is suitable for vegetarians. Imagine this cheese  on your burger or pizza, in your pasta recipe or grilled for a... read more
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Even if blue cheese is not your choice, you should try the Smokey Blue as it will surprise your taste buds. Rogue Creamery's Smokey Blue is the first smoked blue cheese in the world and it is loved by so many - not only blue cheese lovers. ... read more
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Goat Lady Dairy named their fresh goat's milk cheese after the monumental landscape of the Smoky Mountains that surrounds the creamery. Smokey Mt. Rounds are hand formed delightful balls that are dried and lightly smoked over applewood,... read more