Spanish Cheese

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Mahon or queso de Mahon is an intriguing experience for most Spanish cheese lovers. A young mahon is rather soft and aging is for 6 months, like this one, you'll end up with a wonderful firm cheese. During maturation the cheese is hand rubbed... read more
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Whether you believe the legend that a cheesemaker's goat cheese accidentally rolls off the table into a barrel of wine and is found after a couple of day or you may believe that this cheese was created with the intend to create something... read more
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This lightly smoked sheep's milk cheese comes from Spain, more specifically, from the Basque region. This rustic gourmet cheese in the past smoked in the rafters of the shepherds' huts, but today smoke from beechwood is used and the smoke... read more
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Manchego can be devoured at many ages; this variety is 3-4 months old and aged naturally, gradually forming its yellowish golden rind and an ivory colored cheese with a rich, buttery flavor. It is less dry than older Manchegos, but already has... read more
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Manchego Cheese is produced in the La Mancha region of Spain, home of Don Quixote, and is a very popular Spanish cheese. Manchego is made with raw or pasteurized sheep's milk. Our 8 months old Manchego is made with raw sheep's milk. The rind of... read more
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When you see a Tetilla cheese, the first thing you will notice is its shape. When you taste a Tetilla the first thing you will notice its rich creamy taste and texture. Tetilla DO is a mild, Spanish hand-made cheese and so very different from... read more