Spanish Sheep Milk Firm Texture Cheese

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This lightly smoked sheep's milk cheese comes from Spain, more specifically, from the Basque region. This rustic gourmet cheese in the past smoked in the rafters of the shepherds' huts, but today smoke from beechwood is used and the smoke... read more
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Everybody knows the Spanish staple, when it comes to cheese; Manchego. It can be devoured at many ages; this variety is aged for 3 months; a young cheese. Logically, it is less dry than older Manchegos, but already has the flavor... read more
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Manchego Cheese is produced in the La Mancha region of Spain, home of Don Quixote, and is a very popular Spanish cheese. Manchego is made with raw or pasteurized sheep's milk. Our 8 months old Manchego is made with pasteurized sheep's milk. The... read more