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Kerrygold knows a thing or two about making Irish cheese. This aged cheddar infused with whiskey is proof of that. The Irish love whiskey - this time they poured some into the cheese.  The flavor is rich and creamy with the added Irish... read more
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Kerrygold's Aged Irish Cheddar is made with milk from cows that roam and graze in lush pastures of tender grass. From this idyllic environment and extraordinary diet come luscious milk so rich in beta-carotene, it can turn cheddar cheese into a... read more
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Aged Red Leicester (officially called Leicestershire) is a cloth-bound cheese that is matured for 6 months, resulting in a hard, flaky, beautifully orange cheese with a slightly sweet, caramelized flavor. It's the only pasteurized Red Leicester... read more
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Aphrodite Traditional Barrel-Aged Feta selected by Will Studd is made in Greece from a combination of goat and ewe milk. Authentic handmade Greek barrel-ripened feta is rare, and it tastes different to modern feta matured in airtight tins. This... read more
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Carr Valley makes a white cheddar that is smoked over applewood and hand rubbed with paprika. The Apple Smoked Cheddar has an deep orange/red appearance, an ivory-white interior and a supple, moist texture that is typical of Wisconsin Carr... read more
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Cypress Grove is one of America's original goat cheese makers. The goats on the Cypress Grove farm in rural Humboldt County enjoy the lush pastures provided by the mild Northern California Pacific coastal climate which results in award-winning... read more