Cinnamon Mediterranean Crackers

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The Firehook Cinnamon Mediterranean Crackers are more than just a cracker. They are a full flavored bakery delight that you will enjoy as a picker-upper during your afternoon, an ideal accompaniment to your favorite tea or coffee, a base for your pie, a dipper for your snack, a vessel for your cheese or meat or sauce.

They are very thin and crunchy and did we mention already, they are full of flavor. They're also organic

Firehook Bakery was established in December 1992. The founders longed for a neighborhood bakery that reminded them of their hometown village bakers. They wanted an authentic local establishment that caters to the specific needs of their neighborhood customers. So, after encouragement from their families, they mixed their passion for baking with some planning and fired up the Firehook ovens. 21 years later, Firehook is still family owned and the founders are grateful for the continued support from the extended family of loyal customers and passionate bakers

Ingredients:wheat flour, honey, yeast, salt, cinnamon, sugar, olive oil.