Everything Sourdough Crackers

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These Everything Sourdough Crackers are dressed with poppy seed, sesame seeds, onion, garlic and sea salt.

Enough flavor to east them straight from the bag. But also a wonderful canvas for cream cheese, brie, a nice sharp cheddar or a award winning Gouda cheese.

Sourdough crackers were born from the love of the magic of sourdough. The magic comes compliments of indigenous yeast and lactobacillus. Together they break down gluten strands and eat the sugars, thus making a product that is more easily digestible with vitamins and minerals readily absorbed by our bodies.

The crackers are packed in a bag that can be released, so easier to keep fresh.

Ingredients:organic flour (hard red winter and spring wheat, malted barley), organic sourdough starter [organic flour (hard red winter and spring wheat, malted barley), filtered water], cheddar, Parmesan, Gruyere, Asadero, grass fed butter [pasteurized cream (milk), lactose starter], poppy seed, sesame seeds, organic onion, organic garlic, sea salt.