Hazelnut with Figs Biscuits

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What do you need when you eat cheese. Some people would say nothing, just cheese, but at Daelia's Biscuits for Cheese, they are convinced that the right accompaniment will aid in your enjoyment.

The right cracker/toast/biscuit should not overpower the cheese, it should carry the cheese. With this Hazelnut with Figs Biscuits, that is based on a traditional Mediterranean recipe, you will have a great foundation for salty blue cheeses and soft sheep's milk cheeses.

With Daelia's Biscuits you will enjoy artisanal cheese, traditional cheese, local or imported, goaty, blue, creamy, cheddar, gouda; basically any type of your favorite cheese.

Ingredients:hazelnuts, flour (wheat flour and malted barley flour), egg whites, cane sugar, figs.