Organic Cracker, Toast

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A mix of garlic and thyme, two Mediterranean staples, creates a sunny companion cracker for salads or past. A simple recipes baked to perfection. They are very thin and crunchy and did we mention already, they are full of flavor. They're also... read more
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In need of a healthy snack, try this Firehook original. A combination of whole grain flour with aquintessential Eastern Mediterranean herb. Enjoy with hummus, labneh, soup or eat just straight from the packaging. Firehook Bakery was established... read more
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These organic Rosemary Sea Salt Mediterranean Crackers pair wonderfully with a triple-creme brie or mascarpone, or Saint Andre or Saint Angel. You will make sophisticated snacking super easy. Also a wonderful alternative to breadsticks or just... read more
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Organic, baked from scratch Sea Salt Mediterranean Crackers are an ideal crunchy accompaniments to your cheese, pate, salami, hams. They are also a fantastic snack, just the way they are, straight from the package into you mouth. Irresistible.... read more