Reganas Spanish Flatbreads (10 Pack)

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This classic Andalucian Spanish flatbread style is over a century old and originally was prepared in large quantities to send along with troops and sailors on long journeys. With a crisp, light texture, and a distinctive oval shape, these flatbreads are a great addition to a cheese board, but also hearty enough to stand up to dipping the most chunky or cheesy dip.

Made by the artisans at Obando bakery and imported from Spain. A superb treat straight out of Spanish history, try them today and see why they have withstood the test of time! Comes in a 10 pack of individual servings of 2 roughly 5 inch by 2 inch ovals crackers each, so they are just the thing to take on a hike or a picnic.

Ingredients:wheat flour, water, sourdough, salt, yeast