Banner Butter Sea Salt

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This grass-fed sea salt butter from Banner Butter is made from the fresh cream of local Georgia cows and has a higher proportion of butterfat than your average butter. Being a cultured butter the flavor is richer and has more depth than your average butter.

The vast majority of butter sold in America is sweet cream butter. This process churns the cream immediately after it is pasteurized rather than allowing the cream to ripen before it is churned. This process is what sets cultured butter apart from the rest in terms of quality and flavor. Spread it on toast or use for cooking to add more depth of flavor to your favorite recipes.

As all butters are highly perishable, and we can only ship them with an Overnight Shipment. We strongly advise you to be home when your package arrives, to avoid it melting on your doorstep.

Ingredients:pasteurized cream, sea salt, culture
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