Cultured Butter with Sea Salt Crystals

Picture of cultured butter with sea salt crystals
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This butter is the 'Grand Cru' of Vermont Creamery's cultured butter. Crunchy pieces of flavorful salt combined with an incredibly creamy and delicate butter create a perfect harmony as the butter melts in your mouth and the grains of salt crunch between your teeth. Cultured for full, rich, European-style flavor and aroma.

Vermont Creamery receives fresh, high fat, local cream. First, it is pasteurized and then a bacterial culture is added to start the fermentation process. The fermenting cream stays for one day in a vat to produce a complex blend of flavor compounds, which makes our butter so unique. After fermentation, the cream is churned into butter and the sea salt crystals are added, then each basket is packed by hand.

All natural made with Vermont rBST free cream. Vermont Creamery was awarded a 3rd Place in the American Cheese Society 2007 Awards in the Salted Cow's Milk Butters category. In 2015 Vermont Creamery received a sofi Award in the category classic.

Use this delicious butter with sea food, like shrimp, lobster, and scallops or on top of meat or garnish vegetables for flavor and crunch and last but not least use it in your cookies recipes.

As all butters are highly perishable, and we will ship them with an Overnight Service only. We strongly advise you to be home when your package arrives, to avoid it melting on your doorstep.

Ingredients:pasteurized cow's cream, culture, sea salt crystals.