Le Conquerant French Butter

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This French Butter is made by hand in the PDO-designated region of Isigny in Normandy. Its deliciously soft, creamy texture, delicate lactic aroma, and golden color are a result of the exceptionally rich cream produced by pasture-fed cows, which graze on the nutrient-rich grasses, flowers, and herbs growing in this unspoiled coastal region.

The cream is cultured with lactic starter using a slow overnight maturation process before being gently churned in a traditional barrel called a 'barratte'. This old-school, artisanal method of churning butter has changed very little over the centuries. It is labor-intensive and slow compared to butter made using a modern industrial process (such as Beurre d'Isigny), but the careful, gentle process makes all the difference to the texture, aroma, and flavor.

Le Conquerant butter is an essential ingredient for French chefs in sauces, tarts, cakes, and pastries. It also works beautifully as an everyday butter, spread over crisp toast, cooked into fluffy omelets, and even melted and drizzled onto fresh popcorn.

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Ingredients:pasteurized cream, salt, lactic starters.
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