Roasted Garlic Basil and Parsley Banner Butter

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This delicious compound butter takes Banner Butter's incredibly rich cultured butter and adds savory roasted garlic and herbs. The bright and earthy flavors of the garlic and herbs pair wonderfully with the fresh tang of cultured butter, making a flavor that is hard to beat.

Banner Butter's grass-fed cultured butter is made from the fresh cream of local Georgia cows, which gives it a rich creamy flavor.  This compound butter is great on it's own on crostini, but truly shines as a compound butter on a grilled steak, or use it to finish your pan sauce for sauteed shrimp or mussels for an out of this world seafood dish.

As all butters are highly perishable, and we can only ship them with an Overnight Shipment. We strongly advise you to be home when your package arrives, to avoid it melting on your doorstep.

Ingredients:pasteurized cream, sea salt, culture, garlic, fresh herbs
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