Sabatino Black Truffle Butter

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Black Truffle butter or burro al tartufo nero is wonderful ways to learn to appreciate the flavors and aromas of truffles. The black truffle has a less dominant presence than the white truffle, but will still give you the earthy truffle tones.

This product from Sabatino is prepared with summer truffles and black truffles extract (Tuber Aestivum Vitt and Tuber Melansporum Vitt) and is perfect for spreads, cream sauce bases, popcorn flavoring or as an exotic butter replacement in many well-known recipes.

As all butters are highly perishable, and we will ship them with an Overnight Service only. We strongly advise you to be home when your package arrives, to avoid it melting on your doorstep.

Ingredients:unsalted butter, truffle blend (summer truffles, black truffles extract) hydrolyzed vegetable protein, salt.