Salted Cabot Butter

Picture of salted cabot butter
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In Cabot country, that is New York and New England, it is all about the community, that's how the Cabot co-operative started a long time ago and how 1,100 dairy farm families located throughout New York and New England are part of that community.

Cabot takes care of the land and so the grass grows green and tall, which makes the cows happy—and happy cows produce rich, buttery milk, which makes for cheese and other products, such as this salted butter.

It is not only the cheese that wins awards, also Cabots butter is a recipient of awards.

As all butters are highly perishable, and we will ship them with an Overnight Service only. We strongly advise you to be home when your package arrives, to avoid it melting on your doorstep.

Ingredients:cream (milk), salt.